University of California

Disaster Resilience Network (UC DRN)

Organizational Overview

The University of California’s Disaster Resilience Network (UC DRN) is a multidisciplinary, UC-wide launchpad for faculty, students and staff to bring our unparalleled collective talents to address disasters and crises of all stripes as we improve resilience outcomes across barriers. UC DRN, officially inaugurated in 2021, provides a platform for collating talent, matching UC resources with external needs, conducting research, training leaders and researchers to contribute to resilience, and thereby assisting communities facing unprecedented challenges. Backed by science and the multiplicative strength of the ten-campus UC system, UC DRN informs action that considers all facets of prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery, including the health, safety, socioeconomics, equity, and environmental sustainability of communities.

Vision Statement

UC DRN mobilizes talent across the UC system to help overcome existential threats that disasters and other crises pose to society.

Mission Statement

UC DRN matches resources with external needs and supports research and training to contribute to resilience, thereby assisting communities facing unprecedented challenges.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

The University of California was founded with the purpose of making higher education available to all California citizens—and fulfilling that purpose requires that we cultivate a community reflective of the richness and diversity of the state. Everyone in the university community has the right to work and study in an inclusive environment, one that respects the diversity of all its members. Moreover, the academic excellence of UC is fed by a plurality of ideas and perspectives. UC DRN supports and adheres to the University of California’s policy statement on diversity and its implications for equity, inclusion and social justice.

“International partners are increasingly pooling their efforts to help vulnerable countries build their capacity to respond to and recover from crises. Facilitating access to the wealth of talent in the UC system will be an invaluable asset to global partnerships for preparedness and response.”

Dr. Joe Leitmann
Former Lead Disaster Risk Management Specialist, The World Bank
Executive Director, UC Disaster Resilience Network

Key Messages

UC DRN brings the expertise and personnel of the UC system to communities, governments, and practitioners.

UC DRN will mature the UC system into one of the most powerful sources of disaster resilience in the world. 

UC DRN has enormous access to help communities meet unprecedented challenges.

UC DRN has enlisted visionary academic and administrative leadership from across the UC – in partnership with leading international, local and regional practitioners.

UC DRN will deliver connections, incubate research, foster applied learning, facilitate training, and connect universities.

“When the debris flow devastated nearby Montecito in the aftermath of the historic Thomas Fire, my research group was tasked with studying water quality impacts of sediment disposal to Goleta Beach. This disaster response research experience sold me on the importance of a University of California Disaster Resilience Network–to assist with funding, and for fluid stakeholder connections at the outset.”

Patricia (Trish) A. Holden
PhD PE, Professor, UC Santa Barbara Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, and Director, UCSB Natural Reserve System

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