V2: Universitywide Council First Meeting & Introduction

Universitywide Council First Meeting & Introduction

The UC DRN Universitywide Council had its inaugural meeting in March 2022. It began with a warm welcome from UC DRN Lead Advisor, Dr. Janet Napolitano, who emphasized the value of UC DRN’s cross-campus collaborations.

The UC DRN governance structure was then presented (pictured below).

Meet the Universitywide Council here 

The Executive Committee is guided by the Advisory Board and overseen by the Universitywide Council

The council discussed their expected roles and responsibilities, with an understanding that each campus will have the autonomy to develop as they see the best fit. Four campuses have already made progress and provided updates on their organizational structures; 

UC Santa Barbara — continued progress is being made with developing a campus-based committee at UCSB. This has included going beyond faculty and researchers to engage with a local County supervisor and a vice-president of the Associated Students.

UC San Francisco — Campus lead, Dr. Sheri Weiser, will work with the new Center for Climate, Health and Equity and the Global Disaster Assistance Committee  as the institutional structure for a campus-based committee.

UC Berkeley — brainstorming of a campus-based committee has been initiated through an event hosted by Professor David Zilberman. 

UC Riverside — Professor David Oglesby has gathered a group, including the campus emergency manager, to join the campus-based committee which has held its first meeting and identified the next steps.

Following the good news, action items were put in place for council management. This includes steps like drafting a set of bylaws, revising fundraising strategies, and continued progress with the initiation and consolidation of campus-based committees.